Group members

Picture of Prof Erez Hasman

Prof Erez Hasman

Head of Laboratory
Phone:  048292916
Picture of Dr. Vladimir Kleiner

Dr. Vladimir Kleiner

Senior Reasercher

Postdoctoral researchers

Picture of Dr. Xiaoyang Duan

Dr. Xiaoyang Duan

Picture of Dr. Kexiu Rong

Dr. Kexiu Rong


Visiting Scientists

Picture of Dr. Bo Wang

Dr. Bo Wang

Assistant Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Picture of Dr. Elhanan Maguid

Dr. Elhanan Maguid

Graduate students

Picture of Chieh-li Liu

Chieh-li Liu

PhD Student
Picture of Vladi Gorovoy

Vladi Gorovoy

M.Sc Student
Picture of Dror Reichenberg

Dror Reichenberg

M.Sc Student

Former graduate students

Picture of M.Sc Avi Reuven

M.Sc Avi Reuven

Picture of M.Sc Arkady Faerman

M.Sc Arkady Faerman

Picture of M.Sc Michael Yannai 

M.Sc Michael Yannai 

Picture of Dr. Igor Yulevich

Dr. Igor Yulevich

"Optical Rashba effect in geometric phase metasurfaces" (2017)
Picture of Dr. Dekel Veksler

Dr. Dekel Veksler

"Photonic spin controlled multifunctional metasurfaces" (2016)
Picture of Dr. Nir Shitrit

Dr. Nir Shitrit

“Spinoptical metasurface rout to spin-controlled photonics” (2014)
Picture of M.Sc Kobi Frischwasser

M.Sc Kobi Frischwasser

“Spin degeneracy breaking in coupled thermal antenna lattices” (2012)
Picture of M.Sc Sergey Nechaev

M.Sc Sergey Nechaev

"Plasmonic Aharonov-Bohm effect: Optical spin as the magnetic flux parameter" (2011)
Picture of Dr. Yuri Gorodetsky

Dr. Yuri Gorodetsky

“Geometric spin-orbit interaction of surface waves” (2010)
Picture of Dr. Nir Dahan

Dr. Nir Dahan

“Geometrical effects on thermal emission induced by surface waves“ (2009)
Picture of Dr. Avi Niv

Dr. Avi Niv

“Vectorial vortices obtained with anisotropic and inhomogeneous subwavelength structures” (2008)
Picture of M.Sc Yaniv Yirmiyahu

M.Sc Yaniv Yirmiyahu

“Excitation of a single hollow waveguide mode using inhomogeneous anisotropic subwavelength structures” (2008)
Picture of Dr. Gabriel Biener

Dr. Gabriel Biener

“Light manipulation by use of subwavelength structures” (2007)

M.Sc Zeev Bomzon

“Computer-Generated Subwavelength structured Optical Elements: design, realization and applications” (2002)